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It's a great place to be

Whether you work in and around Hessay or live here, it's a great place to be! Whilst we're a small village, there is a real sense of community and a number of social groups and events. Read on to find out about just some of them.


Hessay Parrish Council is in no way affiliated with or recommends the groups listed on this page. Their inclusion should not be read as an endorsement or a commitment from the Parish Council.

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Hessay Community & Wildlife Volunteers

The group was started in 2009 by Roger Hildreth and Mark Barratt with an informal aim to encouraging residents of all ages to get involved with improving wildlife habitat on land owned by the Parish Council, residents get together as and when required. Activities undertaken have included, 

  • Removing excess vegetation from in and around Hessay Pond.

  • Planting boundary hedges around Willow Garth.

  • Erecting Owl nesting boxes in Willow Garth, Thief Lane and Hessay Pond. 

  • Fencing off the Parish Boundary stone.

  • Erecting a fence around the Allotments.

  • Tree planting in Willow Garth and Hessay Pond.

  • Log pile building in Willow Garth.

  • Bulb planting around Hessay Pond.

Latest plans are to improve the area around Hessay pond, creating an accessible area where residents can quietly enjoy the surroundings.



The Hessay Community Facebook Group

Hessay has a community facebook group for the residents and friends of Hessay.

This facebook group is not directly affiliated with the Parish Council

For Children

Social Activities and Groups for those with young ones in and around Hessay

Hessay Tots

A weekly informal gathering for pre school children and their families.

Messy Church

A monthly informal church initiative, enabling people of alleges to belong together, it is a way of church Particularly suited to families, but welcoming to all.

For the Young at Heart

Social Activities and groups aimed at those without young children

Hessay Ladies

Hessay Ladies is an informal social club for the women of Hessay.


A warm welcome is extended at both Saint John the Baptist Church (Anglican) and Hessay Methodist Chapel.

Hessay Gents

Hessay Gents is an informal social club for those in the village. Whilst there are no bars or pubs in Hessay, there are many nearby and we have plenty of gardens to get together in.